T-shirts ship for $6.75 for up to 3 shirts. 4 or more shirts, any size-any design, ship for free. ****Special orders for Sons of Union Veterans group chapter name and location available at additional design and printing costs. Minimum order of 12 shirts required.****
$1820th Maine
Famous Maine Regiment led by Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain at the Battle of Gettysburg (D)

$18Abraham Lincoln
Displays portrait pictures taken of President Lincoln during his time in office. (D)

$18Berdan's United States Sharpshooters
Two-sided, front showing Sharpshooters in action, back listing all the Battles they were in during the Civil War (D)

$15General Chamberlain
Union General and Medal of Honor recipient who distinguished himself from the Battle of Gettysburg on until the end of the Civil War. (D)

$15General Philip Kearney
Commander of the 1st New Jersey Brigade, Brave fighter during the Civil War. He gave his arm in the Mexican War and his life in the Civil War. (D)

$18Irish Brigade
Single-sided with the front showing the Union Regiments making up the Irish Brigade. (D)

$18Iron Brigade
Two-sided shirt showing Iron Brigade 'Black Hat' on front and Iron Brigade Regiments on the back. (D)

$18Iron Brigade
The fierce fighters of the Army of the Potomac with the "black hats". This two sided version has units listed on the back. (D)

$18New Jersey in the Civil War
State Seal on the front and listing of all volunteer regiments on the back (D)

$18Philadelphia Brigade
Two-sided shirt with emblem on left breast and a listing of the Pennsylvania Volunteer units on the back. (D)

$18Proud Descendant of a Union Veteran
Single-sided shirt with color image of Union Veteran medal on the front. (D)

$18Union Infantry

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